SMK Fridays: GREEN

15. jun. 2018
16:00 - 22:00

SMK goes green in many ways … Join us as we invite everyone to take part in this season’s final SMK Fridays event, which explores the theme GREEN – in nature, in science and in art.

On 15 June we invite everyone to take part in this season’s final edition of SMK Fridays – our series of alternative after-hours museum experiences that merge art, talks, music and drinks. Presented in collaboration with the European Society for Literature, Science and the Arts, we invite you to an evening of lush greens in the Museum Garden, the Østre Anlæg park and throughout the museum itself.

Through installations, sound art, video art, dance performances, experiments with light and brief, but informative art talks we explore the theme GREEN in nature, science and art. For example, you can taste cocktails developed for insects, explore the museum’s back garden on a sound-themed tour, learn more about the carbon footprints of selected works in the SMK collection and witness a dance performance surrounded by distillation apparatus, tangled tubes and the scent of eucalyptus.

Selected excerpts from the programme

Plant life translated into a dance performance
Distillation equipment, water tanks and tangled tubes extracting and transporting eucalyptus gel from symbolically charged plants: with the installation and performance BASIC TRANSMUTATION – Alien/Migration, dancer and choreographer Aniara Rodado joins artist and physicist Jean-Marc Chomaz in creating a space for immersive, contemplative interactions between humans and plants. 

Site-specific installation among the trees of the garden
In the Østre Anlæg park you can go in search of US professor Paul Harris’s site-specific installation Igneous Ligneous Inosculations – stones placed between the branches of trees where they will ultimately merge with the tree, becoming one. This evening, you can attend an expert talk and get an introduction to this work, which explores the relationship between man and nature in art and the intertwining of living and ossified mechanisms.

Celebrate an ancient and ongoing entanglement
Experience The Red Nature of Mammalga – a performative installation fusing red algal and human bodies. The installation offers a complimentary view to the wave of ‘greenness’ and articulates both the sensual and visual connection between bodies across species and time. You can also become one with our algal ancestors when the artists Naja Ankerfelt, Amada Baum and Rose Leahy invite everyone to ritual osmosis.

The buzzing of insects, lo-fi frog rhythms and animal noises
The Australian sound artist and composer Felicity Mangan takes over the Sculpture Street, filling it with new sounds. Drawing on her archive of field recordings, buzzing insects, lo-fi frog rhythms and animal noises she invites nature inside in this evening’s soundtrack.

dance for plants: tactics for a solo
The research group dance for plants is hosting a salon where you are invited to share your plant stories and gather strategies in order to perform for some plants on your own (no humans watching!) in a hidden part of the museum.

Art’s carbon footprints 
Take a performative tour as Danielle Siembieda’s ‘alter-eco’ The Art Inspector makes a thorough inspection of a range of works – not in order to consider their subject matter, but to assess the sustainability and environmental impact of the works, the materials used and the processes that went into their creation. 

Drinks for Insects in the Museum Garden
In the Museum Garden you will find the Barfly – a bar open to all species, that serves cocktails of plant and flower extracts to the various flying inhabitants of the garden. In a moment of insect mass disappearance Barfly is also a site-specific memento mori for guests that might not show up. Over the course of the evening you can get an introduction to the work and sample the drinks on offer in the bar.

Sound tour of the Østre Anlæg park
Join artist Andrea Williams on a sound-themed tour of the museum’s back yard, the Østre Anlæg park.  Together, we bring the hectic pace of life to a halt, exploring our immediate ‘green’ surroundings – and the impact that our presence has on nature. 

’The Goodiepal Equation’ in the Cinema
Six years on the intergalactic highways in the company of the radical computer-based music scene’s very own Harry Houdini: the techno-warrior Goodiepal. Lean back and go along for a ride in his home-made bicycle rocket as we show the film The Goodiepal Equation. 

And much more… For example, you can see and learn more about green shadows as professor Olaf Müller gives a talk and conducts experiments with light. As always, you can attend brief, to-the-point art talks and explore the SMK’s various exhibitions. And if you need a break from time to time, you can settle in the Sculpture Street: all night long you can buy beer, drinks and food that focuses on seasonal, organic, high-quality ingredients.

SMK Fridays is supported by Bikubenfonden

Practical information

Seven Fridays a year we stay open for longer than usual and invite everyone to attend our SMK Fridays events from 16.00 to 22.00.

SMK Fridays are free and everyone is welcome. No advance booking required.