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Upcoming exhibition: Art in the Making


Illustration of the process from sketch to finished piece of Alessandro Casolani's Woman contemplating a skull.

How is a work of art made? Now you can see how various artists worked, following the creative process from the initial sketches to the final masterpiece.

The exhibition Art in the Making gives you a glimpse into how various artists have worked through the ages, offering insight into the thoughts, deliberations and sketches that precede the final works of art.

How does the initial idea for a work of art arise? What stages and processes does the work undergo before it is finished? Find out here.

At this exhibition, you will be able to explore sketches and finished works by artists such as El Greco, Rembrandt, Edgar Degas, Nicolai Abildgaard, Bertel Thorvaldsen, Christen Købke, P.S. Krøyer and many other great masters of art history.

Hans Holbein the Elder, The head of a crossbowman taking aim,1514-1515

Draw your own masterpiece
You can also try your own hand at croquis drawing every Sunday at the exhibition’s art workshop – and enjoy inspiring talks featuring some of the greatest artists working today. Keep an eye on our calendar for updates.


Exhibition period: 8 February – 6 May

Admission fee (free to Annual Pass holders)

Keep an eye out for our event programme, which will be presented in our calendar.